I’m Milton Yamashita, the human component of Kula Guitars.

   I was born on the island of Kaua'i back when Hawai'i was still a territory of the U.S. After spending some formative years on Kaua'i, then in the state of Maine, my family moved to the island of Maui in 1968.

   Being a woodworker and frustrated musician (in need of a better guitar than I could afford) led me to build my first acoustic guitar in 1998.

   Discovering for myself that this is the ultimate in woodworking – along with the some friends’ willingness to be guinea pigs for my early efforts – launched my guitar building career. I also need to acknowledge the teachings of Charles Fox, Steve Grimes, and Bill Hardin. I’m totally indebted to their continuing friendship and encouragement.

   My home and shop are located on the northwest slope of Haleakala at the 2500 foot elevation. The climate here is well suited to guitar building as there is little variation in humidity fluctuations throughout the year. Consequently, it’s easy to maintain a controlled building environment.

   My goal is to build an instrument that highlights the wood’s natural beauty and tone and is a joy to play – thus inspiring one to greater musical heights.
Purchasing a custom acoustic guitar can be the realization of a lifetime dream. It would be an honor and a joy to help you to that end.
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